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thanks. i just did day 1 and it felt really great.
did 40-50-60-65-65 kg on power C&J i think i might be able to do all 5 with 60 kg after a good warm up.
80 kg with Clean puls and 60-70-80-90-90 with back squats.

(still low numbers but it felt great )

I wont go to another gym, i really like this one (olympic lifting is not the only thing we do) the only problem here are the snatches, if i fail with the clean it wont fall high, if i fail with the jerk i can prolly make sure it wont fall that hard. but with the snatch i think it will be a lot harder to control the bar if i cant hold it. Maybe i can control a light(er) weight used for the power versions.

as far as technique goes, we are always with 2 or more so we coach each other the best way we can

anyway, thanks for the help so far! tomorrow is rest day and day after we will see how it goes with day 2. i will post the results
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