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Default Enough bs, back to training.

Front Squat - heavy single
95x5 115x4 135x4 155x2 165x1
Notes: Probably could have gone a little bit heavier but decided to stop while my form was still good. I was happy with those squats.

Snatch - heavy single; 3 x 2
95x3 105x2 115x1 125x1 130x1 115x2(f2ndrep technique mishap) 115x2 (f2nd rep again) technique was all over the board so I decided to go back down to 95 to clean things up, hit two sets there but I still wasn't happy with the technique. I was making some fundamental errors like not being patient enough, not actively pushing up and externally rotating on the catch, and just some weird timing errors. I am going to do some empty barbell technique work at the beginning of the second session.

2nd session:
Snatch technique notes: My receiving position is fastest and most comfortable when I am slightly internally rotated. With my hands all the way out to the collars it is rough on my wrists if I try to really force external rotation. I am also able to keep my arms more relaxed during the pull when I have a more natural overhead position. When I am consciously trying to externally rotate at the top it reduces my turnover speed and causes me to hyper extend my wrists. My shoulders still feel very stable in this position so hopefully it's not a problem that I'm not externally rotating.

Segment Snatch Pull (knee) + Snatch pull - 5 x 1+2
115x1+2, 135x1+2, 155x1+2, 165x1+2x2, 155x1+2, 165x1+2x2 (had to use straps for these last two sets)
Notes: I suck at using straps hahah my hands kept slipping

Back Squat - heavy single; 4 x 3
115x5, 135x4, 155x3, 165x2, 185x1, 155x3x4
Notes: Could have gone heavier but since it's been a week since I've done anything too heavy I decided to play it conservatively. I don't know if that was the right call or not, but it seemed correct in the moment.

Good Morning - 3 x 5
ran out of time so I just did 15 in a set at 45, oops

Today was really fun, especially the second session. I never really realized how much I enjoy snatch technique work. I stayed relatively lightish on most things, where I could have pushed a bit more but my technique probably would have suffered or I would have been much slower. Overall today was a good session.

I've been really attacking mobility over the past week and it definitely helped today. I think I had actually grown a bit accustomed to being a bit tighter so that may have been part of the issues with snatching in the first session, my body just wasn't used to moving the way it did today.

Sleep has been good, but I'm still trying to hammer down the nutrition.
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