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Default 011014 training

Week 1, day 2
Did this yesterday but didn't have a chance to type it up.

Back Squat - heavy single
135x5, 145x5, 165x3, 185x2, 205x1

High-Hang Snatch - 5 x 2
Warm up with bar 55x2 65x2 75x2 65x2x4

Power Clean + Power Jerk = 5 x 2+1
95x2+1, 115x2+1x5
Notes: I am very limited by overhead strength. 115 power cleans were extremely easy but the power jerk felt harder.

Front Squat - heavy single; 3 x 3
135x4 165x2 185x1 145x3x3

Sleep was good, mobility work was good, nutrition continues to be the biggest challenge for me.
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