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Default Another lesson in leaving my ego at the door: Knowing when to stop

Week 1, day 3

Front Squat - heavy single
115x4, 125x4, 135x3, 145x3, 155x2, 165x1
Notes: Joints are feeling a little beat up so I'm backing off a bit to give them a chance to become conditioned. Went in smaller incremental jumps between sets than usual (10 pound jumps instead of 20 pound jumps) so that I could accumulate more reps at a lighter weight. That way even if I didn't lift anything too heavy I still had a decent number of reps under my belt. One thing that I did today that I need to make sure to avoid in the future was letting my elbow drop slightly when coming back up of the squat. I think that is mainly because my upper body is pretty weak right now. I think I'm going to start adding some back work 1 or 2 days a week at the end to work on that weakness.

Clean & Jerk - heavy single; 3 x 2+1
115X2+2, 125x2+2 135x1 145x1 155x1 165x1(failed the jerk, the clean was surprisingly difficult also) 135x2+1x3(based this on how the 155 felt)

Based on how I was feeling and how I was moving I decided to take it easy today. I didn't want to stop early but based on how I'm feeling and due to the nature of this program I decided that listening to my body and swallowing my pride was the way to go. It doesn't matter if I get through everything today if I just end up injured anyway. And yes, I know that picking this program as my first one back into weightlifting was not smart haha which is why I'm giving myself the freedom to call it quits when my body tells me to. Got some pretty good squat and clean and jerks in so today wasn't a complete loss, but definitely not ideal. I did this session too late in the day to be able to try again for another session. I'm really annoyed right now... not gonna lie.
It is quite frustrating to not even be able to get through a session because of how unconditioned I am, but I know that once I get through this cycle, as long as I am smart and don't get injured, my second time through the cycle I will be able to push the weight a lot more. I think things will start being fun again once I feel strong again. That's the most frustrating thing right now, just not being able to do the things I used to be able to. Okay rant over. Hopefully tomorrow will go better, I'm chomping at the bit to lift again.

The stuff I was supposed to do:
Segment Clean Pull (knee) + Clean Pull - 5 x 1+2
Back Squat - heavy single
Pause Back Squat - 4 x 3
Good Morning - 3 x 5
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