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Default "Shins vertical"

I think the root cause of my knee pain is that I'm letting them come too far forward when I squat or catch which is putting a lot of strain on the meniscus. So today is going to be a skill day really focusing on keeping my shins vertical. I've seen the horrific results of poor squatting (i.e. total knee replacements) and I really don't want it to lead to issues down the line so I'm going to improve my technique now rather than later. I also want to experiment with training early in the morning (6:15) because I think that will be the most convenient thing once classes start. Also I think I am going to back off of the weight a little bit but only as much as I need to to reinforce the technique practice that I do today. Now that my mobility is good enough to support the positions that I need to get into I need to improve my motor patterns. So yes, it is a step back weight wise, but I think it will pay dividends in the long run. Hopefully by the end of this cycle my technique will be at a point that I'm happy with.

Skill work will focus on squatting motor patterns and on receiving the bar with shins vertical. Should last about an hour.
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