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Default I'm not ready yet

I hate to admit this, but I'm not ready for the volume of this program. I have had multiple days where I have had to cut back from what was prescribed. Right now I feel like I'm wasting time (not because I dont believe in the program, i will return to this program when I am conditioned for it) and potentially setting myself up for injury. Based on the past few days of my posts I think it's pretty obvious that I was in over my head in taking up this program right now. Volume has never been a problem for me I the past so I guess this just shows how out of shape I am. I am going to auto regulate for a while. The goal is still going to be to squat everyday so that I can get ready to do this cycle again. In addition I am going to spend time on fixing some technical issues in my Olympic lifts. I also need to improve my upper body strength so that will be another thing that I will work on in the coming weeks. Not having a set program will also let me have a bit more fun with training again because I won't feel as much pressure to have to do certain things even when I know I can't on that given day. The goal is still the same, but the route that I'm taking to get there is going to be altered a bit until I can get back on track with the double day squat program. I'll continue to post on here because I do find it very valuable in keeping me accountable.

Mentally, I've lost my edge. I'm not as tough as I was so that's going to be another aspect of training that I need to get back. Just to be clear though, I am not flaking on this program because I found something else or anything like what I used to do, I am calling it quits because I am simply not ready for the program. Come to think of it, I am not ready for any program right now. All I want to do is just get back in the gym. I just want to do what I feel like doing instead of what I should be doing until I feel like lifting again. The fact that I have to constantly coax myself into the gym, which was something that I used to love more than anything, is a bit of a red light for me. It's not worth doing if it's not fun. I'll be completely honest, more days than not, I'm not having fun. I'm just in there because I feel like I need to be. Going through the motions won't get me to the Games. Having the best programming in the world with no motivation is pointless. Autoregulation has worked very well for me in the past. That was the point where I was having the most fun with training so I'm going to go back to that for a while until I feel like I'm ready to actually make the commitment to a program. With where I am right now, I think just about anything that I do will get me stronger as long as I'm consistent and motivated so I'm not too hesitant to take a step back from a program. Wish me luck.
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