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Default Strength By Feel Program-- weak jerk..assistance exercises?

So I am a newbie lifter-- lifting for only 1 yr (self taught). Obviously, technique can always use improvement, but based on Greg's snatch/ c&j ratio to back squat---my lift number fit right in...meaning my strength is my limiting factor holding back the numbers I want to hit.

As a girl, my upper body strength is definitely a limiting factor. My max jerk is definitely holding back my clean and jerk max...being about 7-8kilos off my max clean.

Currently, I am following the strength by feel cycle (on week 2)...and am really loving the program so far. I just can't figure out why..when I find my 4RM Jerk I can hit 92%, but when hitting a heavy c&j on Saturdays...90% feels extremely heavy and less powerful than on the 4RM.

I know my upper body gets fatigued quickly (as well as my core strength)...and I was wondering if there was any assistant exercises to add to this cycle-- such as body building style-- higher rep movements like strict presses or dips.

Or would these assistance exercises be too much?

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