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The bar is a little too far away from your body. Try to start with the bar closer to your shins in the starting position. You can also see how the bar is several inches away from your body when you pass the knee. You're making contact which is great but you don't want that much separation at any time during the lift.

Also, it looks like your knees are a little too far forward when the bar reaches the "power position" (upper thigh). In this position, you want the shins to be vertical so try to get the knees back a little more. This will help you keep the bar closer as you pass the knee.

On the 3rd pull, try to get your elbows up higher. It looks like the bar is swinging out a bit after that 2nd pull. Try some Snatch High Pulls ( to work that part of the movement.

It looks like you bump it out a little bit on the first one but the second one is better so look out for that. The only thing I'd like to see is more emphasis on the 3rd pull. Like the Snatch, get those elbows UP and OUT as you pull yourself under. This will also help with a more vertical bar path.

The main issue on the Jerk is that you need to soften up the back knee. You don't want the back leg locked out. Keep the back knee soft so that you can absorb the weight with the hips down and lowering your center of gravity.

Also with the back foot, you want the toe slightly turned in and you want to be up on the ball of the foot. So try not to land flat-footed. You can do some footwork drills before you start the exercise. For example, simply stand flat-footed with your feet in the "jump" position and quickly split out to your split position - look down and see if your position is correct.

By the way, I admire the old school set-up you have going on there. Careful you don't slip on those towels though.
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