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Originally Posted by Blake Barnes View Post
That is going to be more of a comfort thing. Whichever one feels better for you is going to be the best choice.

If i had to pick which one looked better I would say the first video but it has to be your decision.
Originally Posted by Greg Everett View Post
If you can get it over mid-foot, that's usually easier. But remember, it's balls of the foot, not toes as your second video is labeled.
Thanks guys. Sorry for the delay in response, my laptop charger broke. I have gotten comfortable with the bar over the balls of the feet, but I think midfoot feels a bit better. And certainly if it will add a few kilos to my lifts then I am all for it.

I also know that the bar goes over the balls of the foot but I just didn't want to be redundant in my speech, but writing it that way made it unclear.

Since I have your attention, am I making any other errors?
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