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Harlan Schulze
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If you want your squat to transfer to the olympic lifts better it would be a good idea to squat straight down instead of pushing your hips back. You may be running out of ROM because you are pushing your butt back so far.

You can push back a bit to load your posterior chain, then push your knees out to make clearance and just sit straight down on your ankles. Keep your torso as vertical as possible. Also make sure the bar is placed up in the high position.

It looks like you are really tight. Check out where you're immobile via or yoga maybe.. Personally, I figured out I needed more ankle ROM, I use the barbell on knee ankle stretch before every session and I have seen great improvement in all my positions.

If you don't have it I would recommend picking up gregs book, for now this is a good article on the squat

Good luck!
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