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Much better job on these. You're doing a great job keeping the bar closer on the 1st pull. Some things I noticed: the bar swings out a little bit on the 2nd and 3rd reps. That's why you almost lose it behind you. Also, it looks like you may be rolling up on the toes and little too soon when initiating the 2nd pull. Try to keep the feet flat longer as you bring the bar to the hip. Otherwise, it's a good improvement.


Again, much better job on these. I feel like you can open up just a little bit more on the extension, but it's not a huge issue. Also try to keep your chest up on the turnover and in the bottom position.


The first rep was the best one. I understand it's hard to maintain these new adjustments when the weight is heavy. I would try to do some Split Push Presses and/or other exercises to help get your body use to getting into the correct position. Maybe take some light days and work on those specific things I mentioned in my first post.
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