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Default [Form Check] Snatch + progression tips

Hello there, this is my first post in here and I have to say I love your articles, your forum and your community as a whole. It seems to me that the weightlifting crowd is a very humble one which I really like. It makes the whole experience complete.

tl;dr: How can I improve my snatch? videos below

I'm 24/m from Bulgaria. I've recently started weightlifting (4-5 months) and I fell in love with it. It is really a fascinating sport and I'd like to spend my next few years improving my lifts.

My situation is as follows: Snatch 60kg, CnJ 75kg, Front Squat around 80kg, BS around 85 (I'm 62kg). At the moment I do everything in my power to up my squat strength (mostly 2x5, 3x5 or 4x5, 3-5 times a week) as it seems to be my weak point while I try to improve my snatch technique. I've come to a point where I've done 60kg a few times and the last 2 were really easy but then I have this technique fault that I often miss the bar in front. So I'm trying to work with lower weights but I still miss sometimes, especially at the end of my snatching.

What do you think about my technique as a whole? Any glaring issues I have to fix?
Why do I miss the bar in front, is it just focusing on shoulder stability and me getting distracted?

Also, if you think my approach to training could be improved, any advice would be greatly appreaciated.

I also appologize if the thread comes off as just 'help me with everythnig', please do tell me if it is not cool or something. It's just all these questions in my head and I'm confused.

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