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Default Worth upgrading from a Pendlay bar?

Hello all and thanks in advance.

I'm new to Oly work, getting coaching from Gary Valentine here in CT. Not new to strength work, which has been helpful and also a hindrance as I can still power more than I can do properly so the need to throttle back early on is a constant.

I'm about 150lbs these days (down from 198 when competing before) and lift on a Pendlay Bearing bar. The new ones. Train on it 3 days a week. Using a beater for squats etc.

I have the ability thanks to a new training client to possibly upgrade to a Werksan or Eleiko training bar. Do you think the upgrade is worth it?

I am undecided on competing. I'm thinking I will but not to seriously as for me it is cost prohibitive with a new baby in the house. I'm also 35 now with my share of dumb injuries.
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