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A couple of things I see:

1. He's starting behind the bar. At a minimum, he's going to need to get those shoulders over the bar. It's preferable that they start slightly in front of the bar. Working on start positions and pulls to the knee will help him with respect to this; it'll help him learn to get his knees out of the way instead of pulling around them as well.

2. He can work on keeping his feet down a little longer. I think this is a result of the first pull being slightly off. The first pull's purpose is to begin generating the power and, with the right positioning, optimally prepare you for the second pull. Once he feels comfortable with his new starting position and pulling to the knee, you can do halting snatch deadlifts to the hip so he can see just how far he can travel up and maintain his chest/shoulders over the bar before he transitions into his second pull. After he show confidence in the new movement, begin to incorporate snatch pulls.

3. The looping in front of his body can be helped by keeping the lats engaged and the elbows going up and out. This will help control that bar not only going out in front, but the subsequent feeling that that bar will be lost behind him. You can work on hang/block/dip snatches with this.

4. I notice that his pull looks a little better when he's doing power snatches. Even though his start positions look the same, he seems a little more aggressive and willing to finish the pull when he's powering rather than he tries to get under the bar. Make all your movements look the same. If you receive the bar higher, then ride it down.

Hope this tips help!

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