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Default Jerk Advice

Looking for advice on how to lower the Jerk or combo movements of Push Press+Jerk better? I don't have the healthiest shoulders, so lowering back to me instead of blocks puts a beating on my shoulders. I understand the eccentric portion and strength gains, but at what cost? After my workout I may have shoulder discomfort and shoulder pain for several days. Right now I do OH work 3 days a week with a day in between each. (maybe too much volume too?) Day 1 is Jerk for 6 sets of 2. Day 2 is Push Press+Jerk for 6 sets of 4 total reps (3PP+Jerk). Day 3 is ClnJrk for 6 total sets. 5 sets are increasing doubles with last set a heavy single. I welcome any and all advice. Thanks in advance.
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