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Here is an update on how the training is going. I decided to follow the 12 week strength and development cycle. I was able to stick to it pretty true but it ended up taking ~14 weeks. I took a couple more rest days when I was working shift work to help recovery and maximize sleep. I also missed a couple front squat days due to some wrist issues.

All in all I am much more confident with my squat, clean and jerk, and snatch. What was heavy and inconsistent before is a little bit more routine. Still need work on the classics, however I feel I have made some movement in the right direction.

- Clean and Jerk: 111 ---> 120 (9kg PR)
- Snatch: 93 ---> 95 (2kg pr) [100 is so close, overhead and locked out but I keep missing it]
- Squat: 184 ---> 190 (fairly easy... tried for 200 and didnt have the grind but i was having an off day because before I maxed squat I decided to snowboard for a few days, which meant that my legs were a bit weaker than expected.) (Front squat is still hovering around 157)

As you can see my classics are far below my squat strength, which is discouraging but I hope they can catch up a bit.

Question: Should I continue on strength cycles (like the ones you posted above) ? This is a good time in life for me to continue to get stronger given the equipment I have.
If so should I used 195 for max squat (I know I can make this...without a doubt) ?
Or should I try and work the classics more than I work strength to help them catch up?

Thanks so much for the programming and the resources.

Noel Nocas
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