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It's hard to tell on from this angle but it looks like you need to bring the bar back a little bit more on the 1st Pull. The bar should be making an angle toward your body right as it comes off of the floor. You do a good job of getting your knees back but it looks like the bar is a little too far away.

Let the bar get a little bit higher on the thigh before initiating that 2nd Pull. You're too upright on the extension. Push through the ground longer and think about finishing your extension with your shoulders behind your hips. Don't force that hyperextended position, just try to open up more at the top.


The Jerk looks pretty good. Just make sure your hips aren't too high on the split. I would try to get in the habit of keeping a low center of gravity when in the split position. Don't be in such a hurry to recover the feet. Make sure you bring your feet together in a way that's a little more controlled. Remember, having your feet together doesn't mean you have control of the weight overhead.
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