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Thank you again for the programming. the resources your provide (for free nonetheless) are invaluable for so many. Your book has helped me tremendously and without a coach here in Alaska, my lifting would not be the same without you and the Catalyst community.

I Just finished the 4 week Leg Strength Block 1 and the squat went from 190 to 197. Finally over 2.5xBW squat! The 3rd week was rough. I was able to not miss a day of squats, but I did miss some of the classic work and one of the thursday power work.

I will continue on with the second of the 4 week leg strength blocks and let you know how the progress is coming.

I am not peaking for competition so I plan on skipping the last 4 weeks of comp prep in this 12 week complete cycle, and roll back into another strength program.

I will be finished with the shift work in August and back to the 9-5 grind. This means that I will be able to train consistently and work more on the classic lifts at that point. But until then I will plan on making strength the priority and keep you updated with the progress.

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