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Originally Posted by Blake Barnes View Post

The first one looks pretty good from what I can tell at that angle. The second one exposes a few weaknesses among a couple of technique issues. First, try to slightly retract the shoulder blades in the starting position and then as you bring the bar up in the 1st Pull. Second, your feet slide back just a little bit when you shift them out to the receiving position and that's why you kind of land on your toes then try to readjust while in the bottom position which kind of throws everything else off. When moving the feet, try to think about picking up the knees rather than moving the heels back. Also, it looks like you could use some overall stability in the bottom position and in the upper body when you're overhead. Try some Snatch Push Presses/Overhead Squats/Snatch Balances to help stabilize the bar in the receiving position.

The Clean looks pretty good. It looks like you could open up a bit more on the 2nd Pull; just think about pushing through the ground longer on the extension. I can't really see your elbows for the 3rd Pull but make sure your elbows are breaking UP and OUT as you move underneath the bar to receive it.

Don't rush the dip and drive. Make sure your position is correct and your weight is distributed correctly throughout the movement. It's a strong Jerk but it looks like you move forward through the bar. Try to eliminate any lateral/horizontal movement under the bar. Instead, make the path of the bar go back over the shoulders like a Push Press/Power Jerk.
Thanks for the reply! In regards to eliminating that forward movement of my chest, how can I specifically drill that into me to keep my torso aligned? I struggle with trying to not push my body through the bar like I did, and the only way I seem to be able to not do it is when my front foot isn't so far out.
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