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Default Snatch and Clean DL critique

Been awhile since I've posted
Especially a snatch..

(~71kg bw)
The snatch is at 77kg, current PR is 79kg.

I think the third pull got away from me a little bit probably because of not completely finishing? Either way just curious as to any thoughts on the snatch because I think it's a pretty decent save despite that third pull. Please note I use the superman pull when I snatch.

Clean DL is at 80% of my current 5RM. I've recently gained a little more mobility (generally every where) so I have been really trying focus on evaluating my positions and getting tension on and in the right places (sitting in the hips more, turning on the posterior chain and keeping the arch as best I can with a tight upper back), I still want to progress with the ability to arch and I do have a bit of a ways to go but I was wondering what you guys see as far as positions are concerned?

Thanks for the help!!

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