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Default Question about Master's Program (6 weeks)

Okay, so I've finally seen the light about only hitting the gym 3x's a week as an (almost) 41 year old Master lifter. I need a program, though, as I will still just do way more work than I should, and I have don't manage my intensity and volume very well.

So, I've been looking at Greg's Master's Program he posted a while ago. I'm thinking about running it and seeing where I go. My lifts have been very stagnant lately, and I need something to get them moving again. My biggest weakness is strength related primarily, both in pulls/DL's and squats.

Best lifts ever are:
Snatch - 90kg
CJ - 120kg
Clean - 121kg
Back Squat - 155kg
Front Squat - 135kg

However, these are a couple years old, and I would like to get back to them. The last couple of years have been very up and down in terms of training, that's why I think I need a more rigid program.


My stats: male, will turn 41 at end of June, about 84kg BW at 5'7". Been competing for 13 years, but very up and down.
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