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Default Master lifter and the 4 week Leg strength Block 1

I need to improve my leg strength and although this 4 week cycle looks just what i need, i have some questions regarding the squat frequency :

1) I'm a master lifter and i doubt i'll recover properly from 3 squat sessions per week,i'm thinking of extending the cycle two more weeks and only squatting twice per week ,what do you think ?

2) The program has halting deadlifts (snatch/c & j) but the calculation based on my snatch/clean jerk has me deadlifting with 60/80kg ,can i increase the weigths here above my max snatch/clean & jerk?? I was thinking adding 20%??

3) As i will be extending the cycle , how should i proceed regarding the loads used on all the other days/exercises?? Maybe using the same??

Thank you
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