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Default Confidence Issue...

Evening all....or afternoon I suppose to you folks across the pond.

Firstly I just want to say a very big thankyou to Gregg and Matt and anyone else whos articles I've read while trawling this site.
I have learned so much already and I hold you all personally responsible for making me slightly obsessed with Olympic lifting.

This is my first post so be gentle...

I've been doing the whole general strength training thing for quite a few years now, usually a 3 day split program, trying to find what works and doesn't work...still working on that, haha!
I have always had a keen interest in doing 'O' lifts but due to very tight 'rules' where I train it has always been a bit of a no no.
About 4 weeks ago I thought bugger it, I'm going for it anyway, and ever since I have been watching loads of videos, reading article after article and trying out these wonderful movements at the ripe old age of 32.
I started off with power clean and press as it looked the least scary, even though it's not an 'O' lift any more, and after a few front rack issues (not getting low enough during the power clean) progress was in sight. But want I really wanted to focus on was the snatch and clean and jerk.
I have always felt a little intimidated by these moves as for 1, people in these circles throw around some mighty impressive numbers and 2, it seems like an awfully long way down into those ass to grass squats when your 6'3".

Anyway, i'll cut to the chase rather than detailing my journey over the past month or so...

I find that the cleans are ok but while snatching, if I approach the bar a little timid I usually miss the lift, but if I just relax and go for it (while hopefully maintaining good technique) I feel the lift goes a lot smoother and almost feels easier.
I'm only shifting light loads at the moment 'cause I want to nail the technique before loading up, but when a snatch is good, it feels bloody amazing.
Similar thing in the jerk also. I feel I dont split my legs with enough conviction at times.

Is this just a simple case of lacking in confidence that time under the bar will help to sort out?

Many thanks in advance,

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