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First of all, welcome to the Weightlifting world. While I do admire your eagerness to jump on and start lifting. I feel, for any beginner, there needs to be a process to get the body moving correctly; train the nervous system. This alone will provide much more confidence when going for the full lifts. I understand that you just want to whip the bar around like everyone else you see on those videos (I did too) but it's necessary to be patient and kind of ease yourself into it. Otherwise, you're going to develop a lot of bad habits early on.

I would suggest taking yourself through a beginner program that breaks down the movements for you and trains the body to move correctly. I personally saw someone go through Greg's "Technique Development Program" from his book and saw a significant improvement just after a couple weeks.

Also, we do have a guy that trains with us who is around 6'4 and he hits his positions pretty well...that's just going to take some time (and confidence). So my advise is to be patient and take yourself through a beginner program before you start developing these bad habits everyone keeps talking about and more importantly before you hurt yourself.

Feel free to let us know when you have any questions throughout your training.
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