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Good news and bad news

good news is: I moved to another waterpolo club the play higher level and their coach wanted me in the team.

bad news: they practice a lot more (kinda good news) which leaves me with a lot less time for oly lifting (or strength in general) i already bought my own equipment to train at home (don't have the time next season the go to the gym)

Here is my training schedule for next season:

Monday: off
Tuesday: 20 min core circuit + 90 min waterpolo practice (hardest training of the week)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 60 min waterpolo practice (kinda light, more technique focus)
Friday: 20 min core circuit + 90 min waterpolo practice (not as hard as tuesday)
Saturday: Waterpolo game
Sunday: off

now my question to you is: what will be a good time to practice some oly lifting to maintain my strength in season. off season can easily train harder and get my strength up. i just want to maintain it in season.

i was thinking about this:
sunday: snatch, clean & Jerk, front squat (just to keep strength up)
monday: some pull ups and hand balancing to keep the shoulders healthy (nothing that heavy. no legs on monday, i really need them tuesday )

i hope you can help me. i still want to practice oly lifting cause i really like it and it really helps me in the water

anyway, this post is getting long


Jort Kramer
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