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Default Training in the week before a competition

I just completed the 12-week catalyst olympic program.

Here is my progress:
77kg bodyweight

205# --> 235# Snatch
340# --> 380# Back Squat

(CJ untested due to shoulder issue, discussed below)

I am wondering what I should work on in the week leading up to my competition, one week from Saturday.

My second question is this: I somehow managed to bruise my anterior deltoid where it attaches to the clavicle on my left shoulder during a little regrip in preparation for a jerk. I was trying to set my hands wider on the bar and it somehow raised a nerve closer to the skin and the little bar pop I gave came down on it weird and now it hurts to catch the bar in the clean and also hurts to get the bar in the correct positioning for the jerk. Any thoughts on this? I have been resting it, icing and NSAIDs. I hope it can heal in time for the competition next weekend. My ultimate goal is to qualify for the American Open 2014, but it probably won't happen at this meet.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on the training and my particular injury!

Patrick Steele
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