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First, a basic taper layout you can use:

Saturday (1 week out)
Snatch/CJ up to openers
Front Squat - HS

Snatch / CJ - up to 90% of your openers for 1-2 singles
Back squat - up to 85-90% for a single

snatch/CJ up to 70% of opener for 3-5 singles

snatch/CJ up to 80% of openers for 3-5 singles
front squat - 80-85% for a single

snatch/CJ up to 70-75% of openers for 3-5 singles

Fri rest / empty bar work


For your shoulder, you'll just have to feel it out each day and if it's hurting, do some really light CJs and then do cln pulls up to the weights you would normally CJ that day.
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