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Originally Posted by Max Murphy View Post
Saturday I will try the clean grip when I squat. I've done it once or twice already but it was more comfortable holding it the other way. Thanks Allen, for the tips.
Yes it is more comfortable holding it with your arms crossed but if you really want to venture into O-lifting that is a good place to start.

I'll vary the rep scheme a little from here out. 3x15 is doable. I've been toying with the idea of working my way up to 10x10 before I up the poundages much. I figured the higher reps would help me shed some flab while strengthening my joints and such. Thoughts?
I wouldn't recommend it and I wouldn't think it would be necessary. I just thought for the time being staying in the 10-12-15 rep range for 4-3 sets would be good for the next 2 weeks.

Cardio... what's that? :-)

Like I mentioned earlier, I enjoy a good jog greatly but I think this is what has caused a lot of my knee pain. October 2005 I ran a 5k in 20:36, I thought that was pretty good. Now I'm looking at maybe getting into some road cycling. Something low(er) impact. Recently I've just been walking on a an incline for 30-45 minutes. Would Met-con be considered cardio? I was introduced to that phrase from this forum, I've been looking into it, intrigued really.
Since you have knee pain I'd definitely avoid jogging. Does your gym have a rowing machine?

I do consider met-con to be cardio. Try it, let me know what you think.
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