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Originally Posted by sarena kopciel View Post
I saw on a thread on Mikes Gym that Coach Greg feels yoga is not a fitting adjunct to Olifting and was curious as to why and/or any other input regarding Olifting and yoga.
Without going into all the gory details I'll just say that in 2001 I trashed myself in a car wreck and was bust up for weeks that I couldn't even move, literally, and for years after was in excruciating pain. The spine in my neck looks like someone tried to wring my neck like a chicken, you can actually see on the xray where the vertabrae seperate on the posterior and pinch on the anterior. Anywho, I did a crapload of research on getting this taken care of but ended up by telling myself that I'd do anything not to have surgery. That decision led me to yoga. Yoga helped me begin to move as a normal human again without so much pain, and in a relatively short time. I felt kinda weird working out in a class full of girls but got over it. Time passed and I felt lots better. Eventually this led me to have an itch to lift again and I began cfing. Began to feel even better which gave me the desire to get deeper into lifting and I actually began trying to olift about a year ago, never having done so prior. Progress has been slow but pretty steady. I'm at place now where I'd actually dare to have an assessment done on me by someone who is qualified to do so. What is my point in this ramble? Simply that yoga, for me, was a good starting point but I wanted to move well and move with strength. Yoga helped me move but didn't give me the sense of physical power that I wanted. Beginning to lift, and specifically olifting, has done that and more. I feel stronger now than I have in years and I don't believe that my flexibility has diminished either. On the contrary, I think it is much better than when I was doing yoga. I feel that olifting can offer me much more in the way of a challenge, now, and for as far as I can see in the future.
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