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As always, I love Greg's description of just how gray the areas are. Sarena, in terms of your yoga flexibility, are you still very capable (and hopefully improving) in your flexibility needed for OL?

The F-yoga stuff is hilarious, if only for the opposite side of the pendulum opinion.

As I'm sure you already know, some yoga flexibility is totally yoga-specific, so devotion to other types of training would require some sacrifices somewhere.

Stretching tendons & ligaments = bad. Stretching (relaxing, really) muscles = good.

I've done a boatload of different styles and levels of yoga in my past. While I like it, I couldn't see it fitting into my schedule more than once a week at most currently. As Yael mentioned, I get much more from joint mobility training. No point in being able to stretch the muscles around a joint without having the coordination/proprioception to move it properly in an active fashion first!
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