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I first met Louie about 20 some years ago. Very neat guy. Very bright and articulate. He was a successful lifter and he had several successful lifters before, I think, WSB became the WSB we know now. Or at least before he started writing about it.

IMO, You are absoltuely correct. The WSB approach has it's foundation in the eastern training philosophies that Louie has expounded upon and changed/adapted to fit powerlifting to a T. I agree with your description of changing the system on an intuitive level to a T. That could not be described any better.

To be blunt, I wish I would have known about WSB when I was powerlifting; but it really didn't come into vogue until after I'd given it up. It's strange, but the more I look at my own program, the more similarities I see with some of the programs I've seen elsewhere. We all learn from one another. A good coach is a good coach. Louie is a great coach in my opinion. The proof is in his athletes.

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Shhhh. Don't tell. I think Louie just made it up.

I'm sort of not kidding. He seems to have such a clear training philosophy that I almost wonder if he "knew" how to put a system together and then went looking for evidence. The rate at which he refines his system on an intuitive level is incredible, I doubt he'd let the Text get in the way of a good idea. But you've met him, what do you think?
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