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As you can see, i've been working on SS as best I can as time allows.

My biggest problems are simply diet, sleep, work, and school always getting in the way. Because these weights im working with feel 10 times heavier then they did last time which makes everything much harder.

Um to simplify it as much as I can im just focusing on Strength and mass right now with no specific time goal set just a weight goal of 160 - 170lbs. Sitting at 146 - 148 right now. Almost there, have put on more than 20 lbs since first starting SS a year ago but have slacked off a bit so im working that out.

Diet and Sleep are holding me back a lot so im just trying to eat anything and everythig I can for calories and trying to get the protein in. Milk, Pizza, Ice Cream, PB&J's, drinking the olive oil, steak, eggs, fast food, beef jerky, etc. Not the healthiest stuff but it's working so far.

My schedule has been hectic the past few weeks which is why i've only been getting 2 workouts a week in but things should settle down this week and hopefully I can go back to 3 days a week.
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