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Default Spotting Stands While Squatting, Worth It?

Once upon a time I used to only squat in a cage with spotting bars. Well since leaving the YMCA and setting up my own home gym / working out at a crossfit affiliate I have been squatting on a platform without spotting stands. I have not squatted close to my 1rm since leaving the ymca but have dumped the bar while squatting less than my capabilities with no ill affects.

I have heard from some reputable sources that learning how to dump the bar correctly when squatting is actually safer than using spotting stands like ironmind's "pillars of power". However, there are a lot of people also touting that "they only squat in a cage" or that "you are foolish not to use spotting stands".

Squat stands are one of the last things I need to add to my home gym and I like the Sorinex High Low Squat Stand the best, but maybe I should go with the Ironmind Vulcans so I can get the matching Pillars of Power too if there is value in them.
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