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Default shoulder pain on jerks

I've been experiencing, for a couple of months now, a pain in my right shoulder that only happens on jerks.

My shoulder is pain free through a full range of motion -- no pain when I do shoulder dislocates, I can grab my fingers both ways behind my back (although there is a slight ache when my right hand is the one reaching up), and I do not experience pain on presses, push presses, bench presses, etc.

It's only the rapid movement that triggers the pain, and only under weight (if I punch up, for instance, no pain).

The pain is intense, but not a sharp injury-type pain -- feels more like an inflammation-type pain, but again, it shows up intensely only at the jerk.

When I experienced it, I laid off jerking and overhead lifting for a couple of weeks (did bench pressing instead to save the shoulders -- somewhat ironic), but the pain returned after a week or so after going back to weightlifting.

Any clues as to what might be causing this?

And assuming I need to take a layoff from jerks for a while, what would be a good substitute? Pressing (or should I give my shoulders a total rest?) and 1/4 squat jumps?
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