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Originally Posted by Derek Maffett View Post
Test each shoulder for flexibility. Is the right any less flexible? Arm circles, etc... I'm guessing will be more difficult for that arm.
No apparent difference. Perhaps if someone observed me do a mobility test, but there doesn't seem to be any limitations on the right arm.

As I wrote above, the only apparent difference is that, if I put my arm behind my back and push the hand up towards my head, I've got less range of motion on right (where it hurts).

Originally Posted by Steven Low View Post
Get a picture of where (circle area).

Any other exercises hurt it or just this one?
I'll do some jerks for science to make sure, by my memory is that the pain originates at the joint and goes up the arm behind the posterior deltoid (under the red area here:

I think I get the same or similar pain if I shove someone or something, but I don't do that enough to be sure. Again, even the push press doesn't do the same thing. It's something about the aggression of the movement that does it.
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