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Originally Posted by Arien Malec View Post
No apparent difference. Perhaps if someone observed me do a mobility test, but there doesn't seem to be any limitations on the right arm.

As I wrote above, the only apparent difference is that, if I put my arm behind my back and push the hand up towards my head, I've got less range of motion on right (where it hurts).
I asked because I've had some left shoulder pain recently, aggravated seemingly by rounded shoulder olympic lifts (I know better now). The pain would also affect me at the beginning of the jerk. Turned out that my left shoulder was less flexible (perhaps due to gradual injury), but I've been managing it with extra warm-up time and mobility work for the left shoulder... I think the pain in the jerk was a result of the somewhat compressed, close-to-the-face press along with not coming back out of the way of the barbell enough. The other shoulder could handle it just fine, but after changing the points mentioned, I managed to set a PR in the split jerk without much trouble.

Your case sounds different and very "Steven's department."
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