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Default BOLC II and III

I have finally gotten some dates for Basic Officer Leadership course Phase II and III. I'll be leaving VA the first week of February and head to Fort Benning. After 7 weeks there I'll hopefully get to go home for a few days and then head out to Fort Leonard Wood until the middle of June.

I need to start running again, but it is freaking freezing outside! This is going to suck.

I'm going to continue following the routines in Maximum Strength until I can't anymore, I'm not sure what my training options are going to be like when I go to school so rather than stress about it I'll just take it as it comes. Since I'm bringing my car I might take a few of the more compact home gym items I have with me, like my 24kg KB. Before I leave off for school I'm going to try to save up to bring some supplements with me, namely fish oil, zma and some type of protein powder.
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