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In my experience there have been some down sides to going to extreem on the IF or AD when combineing the two including agitation and fat gain/ muscle loss....

I believe it is do to glycogen depletion and long fasts not being a very synergistic couple....

That being said I have found that when wanting the hormonal effects of cyclic carb loading and the bennifit of IF I can combine the two in a very synergistic mannor as long as any long fasts are done in the day or two post carb up and I add some fruit into the mix post workout and in my first and last meals. This will end up being a slightly higher percentage often times than a strict AD would require however fasting in my experience makes up for the increased carb intake.

There is some clinical evidence that would support this I believe haveing to do with fat addaptation and increased keton production even in a higher carb diet while IFing you could find links in some threads around here.... MODs' site is the place to go if you want to get into that stuff.
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