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Bill Ennis
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Hi Steven;
What I did for the first part of the WOD was as follows:
Exercise was Snatch , 95% X 1.
My max Snatch is 115 lbs so 95%= 110lbs.
Warm up = 65X1 , 85X1, 95X1, 100X1 ,105X1 ,110X1
I didn't feel like I was running out of gas with this exercise or the remainder of the WOD ; it all went well . Sometime last week I was running out of gas in the second half of the WOD . That may have been due to a lack of food , but today I just wondered how many warmup sets people do and what are their rest intervals .
I've been doing this alone in my garage gym , so just wondered what others do . It's good to know that my 2-3 minute rest is OK.
Thanks for the answer.
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