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Since we're talking about gaining mass, I'm interested in what is seen as the optimal amount of mass gain over a given period of time. I mean, clearly one can just eat everything in sight and become large and fat. But that doesn't seem very healthy.

I've been trying to keep my calorie excess around 500 per day and have gradually been putting on some weight. I would say that I've added a little less than an inch around the waist (from 36" to 37") and around 10lbs of body weight. I feel like my shoulders and legs have gotten more muscular (O lifting certainly works magic there). My front squat has gone from 45lbs to 195lbs, and my power clean from 40kg to 90kg (although I'm sure technique has a lot to do with that). Do I just keep on eating or is there some point where it's no longer a good tradeoff?
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