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Originally Posted by Bill Ennis View Post
Hi Steven;
What I did for the first part of the WOD was as follows:
Exercise was Snatch , 95% X 1.
My max Snatch is 115 lbs so 95%= 110lbs.
Warm up = 65X1 , 85X1, 95X1, 100X1 ,105X1 ,110X1
I didn't feel like I was running out of gas with this exercise or the remainder of the WOD ; it all went well . Sometime last week I was running out of gas in the second half of the WOD . That may have been due to a lack of food , but today I just wondered how many warmup sets people do and what are their rest intervals .
I've been doing this alone in my garage gym , so just wondered what others do . It's good to know that my 2-3 minute rest is OK.
Thanks for the answer.
That's probably too much "top loading" and not enough "underloading."


Something along those lines. You don't wanna do too many singles up around 80%+ which you have 5 of them. That's waaay too many working up to max/near max. You should only have maybe 2 or 3 max especially at the weight you're working at.

On the other hand, you DO want more reps at like 30-50% to help warm your body up. You body can handle a lot of reps in that range without fatigue much at all.
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