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If you blame them for running a business then some people would call you a communist. Not me but some people would!

I would do the same if I were trying to run a high profile competition. Can't go to a Hockey, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Nascar, F-1, Olympic, Lacross, Tennis, D&D or Cow Tipping games for free, why would we expect this to be free. That would be ludicrous.

Frankly the Olympics are the worst exhibition of capitalist exploitation of athletes anywhere. Charge insane ticket prices with the money going nowhere near the athletes performing. I would love to go! Sounds like fun! To the Olympics I mean. I'm going to the CF Games to CRUSH the competition into the ground and maybe for some gluten free beer drinking partying afterwards.

I might take the week off and drive down there again for the Games... Maybe you can hop in with me and we'll stop in at Rip's for a day. He's a good time and his gym is the right place to do some serious lifting. Anyone else interested in a road trip?
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