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Default Snatch, C&J PR attempts : Feedback please

Snatch @ 79.5Kg (175#) Shot the hips a bit when I was coming out of the hole which got the bar moving forward so I had to chase it a bit.

Clean and Jerk @ 97.5Kg (215#) : I got the bar overhead but the jerk was very very ugly with quite a bit of press out. I really struggle with the jerk. I have trouble maintaining a solid platform during the dip and drive and I tend to jump my hips forward instead of down. I feel that my jerk is limited largely by technique. I am able to push jerk 205#with snatch grip behind the neck fairly easily. When I dip and drive it "feels" like I am being solid but when I watch the videos you can see my whole thoracic region buckling which kills the power and starts to get the bar and me moving forward.

Here is a C&J with my previous PR 93Kg (205): This jerk is a little better but I still buckle and I drive the bar and my hips forward which is evidenced in my recovery. Because the bars momentum was moving forward I had to recover with my rear foot first.

OHS @ 93Kg Here you can see that I didn't really have a problem with push jerking 205# and there wasn't nearly as much buckling of the thoracic region.

Thanks for any feedback ahead of time.

Garrett I have been using that press out with the bar over head like you do...when I remember it
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