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Your correct about the space issue. Its bad enough lifting with the rack behind me but I didn't realize that extra bar was sitting in the rack until after I watched the vids. In front of me pretty clear, that is the open space for the folks using free weights. I actually put in a request to have an area cleared out for folks who use free weights and to have a weightlifting platform built. Currently, like most gyms, it is filled with lots of cardio and barely used machines. We'll see. I guess the Marines here have a lot of pull so I am going to lobby them for support. Apparently gym decisions are made by committee.

I may give that "frog" starting position a go for the snatch to see how it works out for me. However the coaches I have worked with, Coach Cannella in Columbus, OH, and Coach Burgener, have all told me to widen my stance because of my landing position. I tried to use a dynamic start for the Snatch, once the bar broke free of the ground my hip and shoulder angle pretty much remained the same. However my shoulders are further in front of the bar than I really want. Which causes a fairly significant looping path of the bar. [Just thinking aloud, if you will]

Thanks guys.
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