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Rick Deckart
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I have no idea what your max in the front squat is, but if it is close to or well over 130 kg the following schedule, a modified smolov basecycle, works really well:

        Monday     Wednesday  Friday     Saturday
Week 1: 70.0%x9x3  75.0%x7x4  80.0%x5x5  85.0%x3x6 
Week 2: 75.0%x9x3  80.0%x7x4  85.0%x5x5  90.0%x3x6 
Week 3: 77.5%x9x3  82.5%x7x4  87.5%x5x5  92.5%x3x6 
Week 4: rest       rest       rest       test max

80.0%x5x5 = 80.0% x 5 reps x 5 sets
Note that if your max were 200 kg you would use the original smolov basecycle poundages (10kg is 0.05*200 kg, 5 kg is 0.025*200 kg).

Basically it is ~25% reduction of the volume and an adjustment of the progressions in week 2 and 3 which is more suited for weaker squatters.

I have done a full smolov cycle and compared to the original base cycle i made similar gains doing it like outlined above, but it was way way more comfortable.

P.S.: if somebody gets 100 pounds out of a full-smolov cycle I more or less guarantee that he started it with a max over 180 kg...
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