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Default equipment question

although I know exactly what equipment I want to get to outfit myself, I am looking for a good deal for the basics. I looked on craigslist and its a pain in the ass to outfit a small facility that way; so....

out of the two companies that are well-known, which one do you think is a better deal for what I need? Rogue or Again Faster.

Keep in mind I am not just looking for CrossFit stuff. I also do sports training for FB and baseball players and I plan on getting USAW Club Coach Certified in the future so I can teach basic oly lifts (I am in no means an expert, but if I am going to teach those lifts I want to be able to ensure I am decent at instructing them).

Any advice as to where to get the basics from would be appreciated.

I live a few miles from NY Barbell on Long Island but I can't trust their equipment for heavy usage.
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