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Default IF for Bodybuilding

Hi All,
Just starting out researching IF and wanted to get some guidance from the more experienced lifters/eaters out there.
My stats currently:
39 yrs old
15% bf (done with calipers over 9 sites)
training history of about 20 years.

I'm envisaging the following training types over a 12 week period, and would like some advice on how to structure the IF type eating:
DC 2 day split (working each bodypart 3 times in 2 week cycles on a mon/wed/fri split)
Tues and Thurs: stair climbing (mixing constant pace with intervals and such)

My goal is to recomposition my body to about 90kgs at 10% or less bf. My base cals typically have been around 3000cals/day consisting of the usual 6-7 meals per day, aobut 600-700grams of meat, 750grams vegies, 200grams rice, 1/2cup oats, 150grams WPI (spread out over the day with 2 scoops pre and post workout). I've also experimented with peri-workout BCAA/Beta Alanine etc and got good results with that.

After reading through Eat Stop Eat, and many other threads, I've determined that i'll be able to do one of two protocols, given my work and training schedule. I train in the evenings about 530pm.

1 - IF of 16hrs daily with an 8 hour feeding window, or
2 - 1 X 24hr fast on a Sunday starting to feed again on Monday.

If anyone could assist with macro breakdowns, nutrient timing etc and any general advice or guidelines for that type of recomp I'd really really appreciate it.

Thanks and Merry Christmas

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