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Originally Posted by Leslie Poole View Post
Last night, I was still mulling over the sumo stance, and found this-

If I understand everything correctly, sumo stance allows or forces more leg, and a conventional stance moves more of the load to the low back (initially) which works if you have longer levers. Did I get that or am I way off?

I would say, generally, that is correct. The placement of the load (relative to the body as described in your post) is more about hip position and leg drive. In essence, Higher hips, more load on hips and back; Lower hips, more load on hips and legs.

I am a very leggy puller. I start with my hips low when I pull conventional. But when I convert to sumo, my hip position is relatively the same height. To be frank, I feel very little in my lower back when I pull sumo - it's all hips and legs for me. I only feel the real back engagement when I lock out at the top.

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