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Originally Posted by Mike ODonnell View Post
Arden, how tall are you? I'm 6'1" and much better conventional puller than sumo....I think, although never really worked the sumo into a steady program to test progression. Judging by the size of my butt from hockey, I should be able to pull more sumo with enough practice me thinks.
I would gather that most folk with longer limbs, and strong legs and hips, would benefit from pulling sumo from an absolute stand point. Simply put, the distance of the bar path is less. It just makes sense.

To be honest, I deadlift once a week. I alternate pulling conventional and sumo from week to week. It works for me. Provides a different stimulus and keeps me excited about going into the sessions. Last week was suppossed to be crazy high rep heavy weight sumo pulls but I ended up straining something on my last warm up (535lbs). This week, I'll pull conventional but likely will not go any heavier than 200 kilos.

Now, I must digress. I "deadlift" once a week. My current program has me:
Day one - power snatch, OHS, Back Squat, Snatch Pulls, 4 board, abs
Day two - power clean, push press, front squat, clean pulls, 2 board, abs
Day three - snatch, clean and jerk, back squat, deadlift, ring push ups, abs

So technically, I'm pulling every other day. Just with no where near optimal weights except once every few weeks.

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