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Originally Posted by Derek Weaver View Post
I'd kind of forgotten about this thread....

This is a good point Steven. My cousin works in what sounds like a great PT office while she's awaiting word on PT school. The guy who runs the practice is actually building his own orthotics to work people away from them. Basically trying to work a progression for people who actually need them, back to normal walking (as normal as walking with shoes can be). I hear he does some really cool and innovative things in getting people fixed up.
Let me know what comes out with that.

I've been trying to theoretically work my own progressions out for everything (even though I'm only starting PT school this summer), so I'll have something to experiment with in a couple years.

The biggest problem is trying to get the arch to 'reform' in people who have had flat feet for a long time if not decades.

Also, where is your cousin applying to?
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